Let's Talk about Size!!

Let's Talk about Size!!

Let's Talk about Size!!

Sewing Chest has been running for over 25 years now, and the issue of 'size' is one that I receive so many emails about and struggle to answer to make everyone understand.

Here at Sewing Chest we have always strived to be inclusive.  We stock the largest range of components to suit as many people as possible.  We sell wires in a huge range of sizes and styles, and we sell to the home hobbyist and to manufacturers alike ......... and to the lady who simply wants a new bikini clip as hers is broken!

So back to the reason for this post....


When does a person move from being 'small' to 'medium' to 'large'.  where is the line?  

There is no exact measurement.  No true definition, and when it comes to bra sizes it gets even more difficult!

Is a 'large' woman with small breasts, small or large?

Or a 'small' woman with large breasts, large or small?

Well, I'm afraid I don't know!  So......

Our kits are sized according to the components - NOT YOU!

If the kit says 'small', it will contain fasteners and elastics that are narrow.  So probably the fastener will be 28-30mm, and the elastics 10-12mm

If a kit is described as 'large', the fastener is likely to 57mm wide, and the strap 19mm.  The large kit may (or may not), contain bigger fabric pieces.

But, most importantly, all the contents of the list are fully and clearly listed in the description.  Yes, we are well aware others will copy our list, but we feel it is more important that we inform our customers than try to keep our competitors in the dark! 

S0 no matter what size person you are, you can choose how wide you want your straps, or your fasteners, and its not for us to say otherwise!

Remember: YOU are the designer, Enjoy your craft!