Bra Wire Casing

Ready made bra channel, which is sewn onto the bra to take a bra wire. Specially made to be strong enough to prevent the bra wire poking through.

Applying bra casing tape

We recommend that the bra casing is the last to be sewn onto your bra. Some patterns suggest that it is sewn on before the plush elastic is applied, but this only applies if you are making your own fabric casing as it is much weaker. Sew the plush elastic and bra band in place, then apply the bra casing. Bar tack the bra casing at the centre front. Insert your wires, push them out of the way and bar tack the outer ends of the casing.

The wider tape (17mm) is a 10mm casing with a 7mm petersham band, used for sewing on the edges of bra cups normally of swimwear, so that only one side of the casing is sewn down, therefore not leaving obvious stitching lines on the outer of the garment . (This can be trimmed off if not required). The tricot tape is much lighter, and often easier to sew on domestic machines because it is thinner. It is often used on the outside of the bra as it is more decorative.