Bra Wires - Fully coated - style 20, per pair


Bra Wires - Fully coated - style 20, per pair

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A Good all-rounder, ideal for multiway bras, or general day bras. Medium height side arms and medium height centre.  the wire is reversible, so two identical pieces.  The longest side goes under the arm.  The tips may be coloured, and generally (but not always, the coloured tip goes under the arm.  Strong steel wires, with full nylon coating, and reinforced tips, to prevent them poking through the fabric.  sold per pair

Use bra wire casing (channelling), either the plush, or the tricot.

Download the Style sheet - Print on A4 paper at 100% scale

Lengths for this style are as follows:

W28 - 133mm

W30 - 154mm

W32 - 175mm

W34 - 196mm

W36 - 217mm

W38 - 238mm

W40 - 259mm

W42 - 280mm

W44 - 301mm

W46 - 322mm

W48 - 343mm

Please see appropriate style diagram and read the bra wire chart information to help understand bra wire sizing.

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