Fabric Piece - Swim/Lingerie Making/Lining - Soft knit Mesh 'stretch' - Plain BLACK (seconds)

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Fabric Piece - Swim/Lingerie Making/Lining - Soft knit Mesh 'stretch' - Plain BLACK (seconds)

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From £2.20


PRE-PACKED PIECE - not available continuous from the roll

This is a soft mesh fabric, often used for adding interest to a bra or other lingerie by overlaying onto another fabric, or used as the 'skirt' part of a baby doll style garment. It is a knit fabric, so it has some widthways give, but it does not have any elastane or lycra so not classed as a stretch fabric.

A fabric that stretches but doesn't have inherent elastic qualities is often referred to as a "stretch fabric" or "stretchy fabric." The stretch in such fabrics is typically achieved through the use of fibers or constructions that allow the material to elongate and recover without relying on the addition of elastic fibers like spandex or Lycra.

Common examples of stretch fabrics without elastic fibers include:

  1. Knit Fabrics: Certain knit fabrics, such as jersey or interlock, can exhibit stretch without having added elastic. The stretch in these fabrics comes from the way the yarns are looped together.

  2. Stretch Wovens: Some woven fabrics are woven with a technique that provides stretch without using spandex. Examples include stretch denim or stretch twill.

  3. Stretch Blends: Fabrics that blend natural fibers like cotton or wool with synthetic fibers like polyester or nylon can often have stretch without incorporating elastic fibers.

While these fabrics offer stretch, it's important to note that they may not have the same level of recovery or longevity as fabrics with added elastic. The absence of elastic fibers can also impact the durability and the degree of stretch over time.

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