Bra & Lingerie Kits

Collections of colour matched items. 

The contents of the kit can be seen by clicking on the item.  The kits are not all the same, there are lots of variations, some contain everything needed to make a particular pattern, some may just be fabrics, or just elastics, so read the description carefully.

Please check the contents will be adequate before purchasing, We colour match as carefully as possible, but due to the combination of components and likelihood they were manufactured by different companies, the kits are unlikely to be a perfect colour match 100% of the time, but certainly where ever we have really good matches we try to put these together in a kit for ease of selection.

In the bra kits, we have sized them small and large, this is not the bra sizing.  The small kits contain narrower straps and smaller bra fasteners.  The large kits contain wider straps and larger bra fasteners.  This sizing is about the kit, not the person, so check the contents and compare that to your pattern.  

We do not sell downloadable patterns from other companies and our kits are not designed by the makers of the patterns. 

Please visit the designers website to purchase downloadable patterns via the links below:

Emerald Erin Black Beauty Bra Pattern 

Cashmerette Willowdale Bra Pattern

Madalynne Sewing Patterns

(bra image courtesy of instagram user Sew Sarah Smith)