Corsetry Fabrics

Fabric and linings suitable for corsetry

HERRINGBONE COUTIL is a traditional corsetry fabric, usually 100% cotton, with a small herringbone weave, which gives the fabric superb stability.  Being cotton it is breathable and comfortable to wear.

SATIN COUTIL is a heavy cotton backed satin, which is not to be confused with a dress satin. Certainly you would struggle to make a dress from this, as it is exceptionally stiff, but it is perfect for corsetry.  The fabric is tightly woven and has a cotton backing. It is stretch-free, strong, and you can make a single layer corset with this and know it will do the job perfectly.  

The stiffening is added as part of the specialist finishing process, and keeps the sharpness and new look of a corset. It is possible to dye the white, but it has already been predyed, and re-dying will remove the starched finish, so not recommended if you can avoid it.