Continuous Boning

A continuous boning, to cut to your own length.

The polyester/plastic boning can be cut with scissors. You will need something stronger for the 'baleen'. 

The spiral wire is surprisingly easy to cut provideed you employ the correct tecnique! The wire is made of a continual loop of wire - DO NOT try to cut this in the same way you would cut a piece of cord with scissors. Instead, using pliers/tinsnips etc, simply snip one wire on one side, then the other wire on the opposite side - and 'voila' it will seperate without any effort!

Use endcaps, to cap the spirals else they will be very sharp and poke through your fabric! 

The flat white steel is quite difficult to cut, we use a bench knife, but you then need to file the ends and re-tip them using tipping fluid, or Araldite.