Bra Strap Elastic

Stronger elastic with an attractive face, used for making bra straps, but also for making suspenders.  

All our strap is listed according the manufactures sizing.  Our elastics come from many different sources, both UK and imported. In brackets you will see a quality number (where we know it), and you will find elastics which have the same number will be the same kind (the word quality simply means a ’type’, it doesn’t denote good or bad - we consider they are ALL good quality!)

 In the UK, the manufacturer sizes the strap according to the appropriate slide needed to create a firm grip, preventing slipping straps.  Some other companies may measure the actual width, but again we list as they state on the label, so you may find the strap does physically measure differently to the size given.  I.e the 687 10mm, made in the UK, the shiny firm middle section measures 10mm, but has a tiny soft edge which is not included in the measurement so actually measures slightly wider.   Straps also differ in thickness, i.e the reversible shiny strap is very slim, where some of the matt plush backed are a thicker strap.  It is usual to use slides to the stated measurement of the plain strap.  Please order a small quantity to try, before committing to buying a full roll if you are unsure the strap will work with your fittings/design/garment.