Emerald Erin Black Beauty Bra Pattern - 'Orange' Style Underwires INFO - click to read


Emerald Erin Black Beauty Bra Pattern - 'Orange' Style Underwires INFO - click to read

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The 'Orange' style underwires are used by several USA pattern designers and fit several designs of pattern. Orange Lingerie's Marlborough, Boylston & Fenway; Cloth Habit's Harriet, and The Closet Case Files Sofie Swimsuit, Emerald Erin's Black Beauty.

This wire style seems much smaller than most of our range, I suspect it is French sizing, while the majority of Sewing Chest styles were adapted from Marks and Spencers sizings over 20 years ago when the business was first formed.

We have been unable to find an exact style match, but occasionally find wires that suit a particular size and by typing Orange Wire into the search box, these should show.

We may duplicate the style, but we have noticed the grading is not accurate, and therefore, need to give this some thought!

In the meantime, the following styles/sizes in our regular stock are alternatives that may work. We haven't found good matches for all sizes yet

ORANGE SIZE 30 - USE Style 20 size W32

ORANGE SIZE 32 - USE BBW Flexy form size W36

ORANGE SIZE 34 - USE Style ????

ORANGE SIZE 36 - USE Style 20 size W36

ORANGE SIZE 38 - USE Style 20 size W38

ORANGE SIZE 40 - USE BBW Flexy form size W44

ORANGE SIZE 42 - USE BBW Flexy form size W46

ORANGE SIZE 44 - USE Style 20 size W42

ORANGE SIZE 46 - USE Style 20 size W44

ORANGE SIZE 48 - USE Style ????

ORANGE SIZE 50 - USE Style 20 size W46

ORANGE SIZE 52 - USE Style ????

ORANGE SIZE 54 - USE Style 20 size W48

ORANGE SIZE 56 - USE Style ????

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